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Chris's original song Nice Surprise is featured on Independent No. 1's Vol. 2, a compilation of music from "over 30 of the world's best indie bands" released late 2013.
Dugway's latest album was released in late 2013.  Skope Magazine's review calls the music "pretty darn catchy."
Dugway was honored to perform in the 2014 Troubadour Series at The Guthrie Center--the Trinity Church of Arlo Guthrie's song & movie, Alice's Restaurant.
Chris Considine's These Days and other original songs were recently featured on Jason Wilbur's nationally syndicated PRX radio show, Searchlight / In Search of a Song.
A dugway is an excavated road dug into a hillside, often narrow and steep. 

Marking the Sparrow's Fall, Wallace Stegner describes a man who
"peered and squinted for the sight of the dugway that would lead them out of the channel and up the cutbank and across a little flat to the final security, so close now and so much more desperately hard to reach with every step."
Gateways Piano Bar:    Back home at Eiran and Michelle Gazit's Gateways Inn & Restaurant on July 8 & August 5.
The Bitter End:   Dugway returned to NY Singer-Songwriter Sessions at New York City's oldest rock club, The Bitter End, June 29, 2014.
Make Music Harvard Square/Fête de la Musique:   Dugway played two venues at Cambridge's 7th annual Summer Solstice festival of street music on June 21, 2014.
                       Dugway is the dugout road we started out on. It’s all about the music
International Pop Overthrow Festival:  ​ Dugway plays at Boston's International Pop Overthrow Festival November 20, 2014 at O'Brien's Pub in Allston.