​"Chris Considine is a performer and songwriter of rare charm and confidence.  His pure voice is the perfect vehicle for songs that tap both rock history and contemporary sounds through great melodies and wit."
     ~Peter Herbst, former Music Editor, Rolling Stone
"I can tell you without hesitation that Chris is well ahead of the curve in his ability to write and perform heartfelt well constructed songs.  I am very impressed with his song structure, vocal abilities and musicianship.  I am confident that Chris has a long successful career ahead as a performer and song writer.  I look forward to working with him again."
    ~Will Schillinger, Founder, Engineer & Producer, Pilot Studios

"Dugway has talent and a bubbling youthful spontaneity."
   ~Skope Magazine review of Dugway's album, "The Up and Up"

Dugway / Chris Considine © 2014

Original Music:

Chris Considine performs as Dugway, both solo and with original band member Blake Poore. Based in Western Massachusetts and Connecticut, Chris writes and produces Dugway's innovative indie music, inspired by '60s British and 20th century American tunes.

Dugway's most recent album is These Days, available to try or buy on CDBaby and iTunes.  

Produced songs go up on Soundcloud, and videos are at DugwayBand's YouTube channel. NEW on YouTube: Dugway's V-LOG - check it out!
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