​What's up:

 Dugway / Chris Considine © 2014

Dream Away Lodge
Back in the Berkshires August 6, 2017 at the Dream Away Lodge in Becket, Mass.

Lenox Library Celebration
June 2017 celebration of the past, present & future of the historic Lenox Library.

Concert for the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' 

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:

Chris Considine & Blake Poore played at Lenox Town Hall on the album's 50th Anniversary, June 1, 2017.

These Days EP:
Dugway's 2015 EP, These Days, is available on iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify and other music services.

In Search of a Song:
EP title song These Days and other original songs were featured on Jason Wilbur's nationally syndicated PRX radio show, Searchlight / In Search of a Song.

Indie Album:
Chris's original song Nice Surprise is featured on Independent No. 1's Vol. 2, a compilation of music from "over 30 of the world's best indie bands."