​What's up:

 Dugway / Chris Considine © 2014

Lenox Library
Celebrating the past, present & future of the historic Lenox Library with performances summer 2017 & winter 2018.

Dream Away Lodge
Back in the Berkshires summer 2017 at the legendary Dream Away Lodge in Becket, Mass.

Concert for the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' 

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band:

Performance at Lenox Town Hall in celebration of the album's 50th Anniversary, summer 2017.

These Days EP:
Dugway's 2015 EP, These Days, is available on iTunes, CDBaby, Spotify and other music services.

In Search of a Song:
EP title song These Days and other original songs were featured on Jason Wilbur's nationally syndicated PRX radio show, Searchlight / In Search of a Song.

Indie Album:
Chris's original song Nice Surprise is featured on Independent No. 1's Vol. 2, a compilation of music from "over 30 of the world's best indie bands."